Thursday, June 23, 2011

end of week 2

Tom Carter joined us for week 2- in the field. We saw some perplexing buildings. A few had evidence from the 1850s, but they were hard to piece together. Much of this comes from the fact the area has changed from owner-occupied sfd to multi-unit rentals...and those conversions make it challenging to find "intact" buildings. I spent the week tracking down owners and tenants. It rained; sigh. But the students were troopers. Everyone drew - and drew well. I wish all classes were this solid. This is a great group, and they're fun too.

It will make for A GREAT VAF 2012. Thanks, students, and especially Tom.

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  1. Thanks Anna for all the time and effort trying to find theses houses for us to draw. I must say, I am very proud and honored to be helping with this project. Tom had good pointers and techniques that I wish I had tried when it was my turn drawing. Please thank Tom again for the help.

    I can't wait to finish up my transfer of field drawings and see my final work on the drawing board.